Saturday, September 4, 2010

Booklists...Reading lists

I've been tremendously busy with schoolwork lately so I haven't had time to post up another review or two apart from the one on Lola Rose. However, I'm preparing quite a few blog posts worth of book lists, categorised by the theme and genre of the book. I've read most books (apart from those which haven't been released yet or I haven't had the chance to feast my eyes upon a copy). If the book series has a website, I will also try my best to provide a link in my post. Some books/series may be repeated in another booklist due to having more than one main theme or genre.

Keep yo' eyes peeled rabbid readers...(forgive's 11.46pm on a Saturday night and I haven't touched my homework. The Stress! The Procrastination! The Sunday Homework!)

I will try my ABSOLUTE BEST to have at least one list up this week. Ja?

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