Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beatle Meets Destiny

Title: Beatle Meets Destiny
Author: Gabrielle Williams
Published: 2009
Genre: Contemporary, Australian
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Beatle meets Destiny early on a Friday night at a tram stop. They acquaint each other and become more than friends. From there, is the tale of two teenagers consisting of school, love, friendship, stalkers, twins, astrology, cheating, Melbourne and family.

I did not find Beatle Meets Destiny as amazing as many other fellow bloggers did. The two characters and their friends seemed almost pretentious. I loved how Melbourne was the backdrop, but to anyone who doesn't know Melbourne would've felt out of place when streets and specific landmarks were mentioned. It was fascinating that the story started out at a time when I'm in the same situation... enjoying my summer holidays before year twelve (maybe a sign to start doing homework, since Beatle did practice for exams...). Also, I was irked how the novel was very 'whitewashed'. Melbourne is full of people from all races, but the group of friends were pretty similar.

Overall, it was a nice Aussie YA. I loved how I actually knew what the story about the German eating the American was and the little bits of local knowledge. However since I couldn't connect to the characters much, I don't love the novel, just like it for being interesting.

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  1. i loved this one.

    and for another great starting year 12 novel you've gotta read nick earls' 48 shades of brown (if you haven't already)


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