Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Title: Vibes
Author: Amy Kathleen Ryan
Published: 2008
Genre: Contemporary, Supernatural (psychic)
Rating: 3 out of 5

Gusty Peterson, the hottest bimboy in school, is always thinking I’m sick, as in totally gross to look at. Not that it matters, since I don’t have a crush on him or anything. And Mallory, my first real friend since forever, has disturbing romantic ideas about me and my ginormous gazungas.

Ask me if I’d rather not know these things.
I have enough to worry about with my dad showing up after two years of saving Africa from typhoid, ready to resuscitate our relationship. There’s something he’s not telling me. I know it.
And now I’ve been assigned to work with Gusty in a hideous new project the faculty are torturing us with at school. It’s so wonderful to explore yourself with someone who’s always thinking you’re sick.

I’d probably be a lot better off if I weren’t psychic after all . . .

From Goodreads

I didn’t find Kristi the best of characters. Although she was realistic, she repeatedly mentioned her boobs, which annoyed me. Her ability to read thoughts isn’t as prominent in the books as I felt it would be, from the blurb. Also, I just knew that when Gusty uses the word "sick", it's being used in a 'whoa that's awesome' way.

However, this doesn't mean I didn't like Vibes. It was interesting enough because the novel didn't focus too much on Kristi's ability. Her attitude towards others was completely reasonable, with her putting up a tough front. She seemed aloof only because she wanted others to like her for who she is, rather than how she looks (e.g: boys like her chest).

I would recommend this read to someone who likes to read about teens having supernatural abilities but set in a more contemporary setting. Vibes was a light read (with a happy ending) and although there were mentions of serious issues like body image, eating disorders and divorce, they weren't the main feature.


  1. Surprisingly, there aren't that many books about characters who are psychic. This book interests me because of that, and I'm in need of more light reads. Thanks for the review!

    You asked about Cornelia Funke's novels, and if they fell into the adventure/action/mystery type of genre--they do, and the "fantasy" part of it isn't the overriding factor in all of her books.

    The worlds are often different from ours, with mythical creatures and magic, but there's plenty of adventure (and some romance, as in the second books in the Ink-Trilogy) and in The Thief Lord there's also mystery.

  2. Hi! thanks for visiting my blog on friday (Crescive Library). It was nice of you to stop in. This sounds like a really interesting book. I haven't heard about it before. I really like books like this, with just a dash of paranormal/something extra! Great review!


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