Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Talk to Me Tuesday (1)

Melissa at i swim for oceans hosts Talk to Me Tuesday, a meme about bloggers discussing their views on all things literary.

This week's question:

Do you have any specific literary pet peeves in the genres you read?

I haven't really thought about this, but now that it's mentioned, I do realises that there are some things that bother me. I read mostly contemporary, and a peeve of mine is when the character is always pointing out a physical problem, anything from having 'mousy brown lifeless/stringy hair' (I've read this one a lot) or that their basooma's aren't big enough. Okay, I get it there's an aspect the character doesn't like about themself, but I'm not a fish brain (although Mythbusters have busted this myth!).

Also... when the characters drink and party alot and that it's mentioned everywhere all over the book, repeatedly (hello, it isn't Skins). I don't know which brand of drink is which (and I won't advertise by giving examples), because my family and I don't consume alcohol. And frankly, I do not care.

Okay, now that I've started ranting, I also find it quite bothersome when there's a type of music of movie that's mentioned, especially cult movies. I guess I'd find it less bothersome if the author leaves a note at the end of the book (Sarra Manning did this in Nobody's Girl. She mentioned French movies and music, and told the readers a little about them at the end of the novel).

Erm, last one, but it is such a pet peeve of mine when there's Spanish. Me no hablo Espanol. Ok? Please, please, please give the readers a translation if there are quite a few sentences (random words like yes/no/mum/dad are ok, but not sentences).

P.S: I've started to do this meme because I like the questions and how it's not just about what new books I've received to read.  The questions make me think about

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  1. I'm so glad to see you participating in this feature and that you find value in it! I think it's a great way to get bloggers thinking about what does and doesn't work for them - and maybe let authors and publishers grasp what we like and don't like, as well.

    I totally agree with all your points. The language one is a big thing for me. I want to enjoy the books I read, but if they're cluttered with foreign phrases and no translations, it definitely feels jerky to me. I want to feel like I'm getting something from every word I read.

    Great answers! :)


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