Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Teen Idol

Title: Teen Idol
Author: Meg Cabot
Year of Publication: 2004
Genre: ChickLit
My Rating: 3 out of 5

Jenny Greenly is the girl who gets along with everybody. She is a well rounded student, trustworthy and responsible. A junior in high school and the person behind Ask Annie, her school's secret advice columnist, one day she's asked to be a student guide for teen idol Luke Striker. She keeps his identity a secret.
Eventually, Luke Striker is found out. Her small Indianna town goes into mass hysteria, and she is constantly hounded by reporters. So when Luke invites, well, ok, commands her over to his house, she gets told by him to stop getting along with people and surpressing her feelings. She should stand up for what's right, and help make her school a more kind and sympatheic place.
This is advice she follows through in the rest of the novel.

Another great Meg Cabot novel. Easy to read, and 'digest'. It has a nice subtle moral to the story and is funny to read.


  1. I love all of Meg Cabot's books, she's just so funny. Teen Idol is one of the only Meg Cabot books that I don't happen to own.

  2. At least you own her other titles. I don't even have one! Haha. Jinx is one of my favourites by her.

  3. I love Meg Cabot, I think she writes some of the wittiest books out there. She never fails to keep me in fits of giggles. I enjoyed this book and am glad to see that you did too.


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