Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reign Check

Title: Reign Check
Series: Demon Princess
Author: Michelle Rowen
Published: 2010
Genre: ChickLit, Supernatural
My Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Nikki Donovan is a Darkling- half human and half demon. Her father, King Desmond, who is the ruler of the Shadowlands has forbidden her to tell her mother about her true form. Along with Coping with the struggles of being half demon and a teenager, Nikki strikes an unlikely friendship with Rhys, a new classmate who happens to be kind of the Faery Realm. His arrival is to do with Nikki and the prophecy relating to her destroying and destructing "all the demon and human worlds." Will Nikki really turn evil? And what will Nikki do when she discovers her best friend Melinda is training to be a demon slayer?

I enjoyed this novel. Although I haven't read book one in the series (Reign or Shine), the plot referring to the previous novel was understandable. The characters were easily likable and like a typical teen, Nikki had problems with her parents, friends and her love interest Michael, a 'slave' of hers who lives in her father's castle.
A definite quick and easy read with a different approach to the supernatural theme (i.e. which is mostly vampires and wolves).


  1. That cover is way better than the Canadian/American one!

  2. Really? I think the US cover is blue...


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