Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's been One Year, so I shall reflect

OMG. I just realised today it's been once year since I've had my To The Point Book Reviews blog.
This is crazy....I though I'd started it at the end of last year.
Apparently not so.

I will try my best to review more books. I really love YA (and wonder what will happen when I’m 30 something years old and perhaps too old to read YA). I hope that never happens though. Reading YA enables me to have second hand experiences. Even though I’ve never had an interest in drinking, smoking, doing drugs or anything else that’s as disastrous along those lines, being a teenager, and a naturally curious person, does make me wonder what happens to people who do do (haha) those things, and what do they do if something does go wrong.

My other love: chickens
YA fiction does push boundaries at times (depends what you're reading). There's a whole spectrum of ages and maturity levels. Some 13 year olds are much more mature (I’m talking about mentally...not physically) than some other 15, 16 or even 17 year olds. There's a whole range of themes and genres in YA literature, and since there is no age rating system in place (i.e. such as for movies and video games), sometimes a person of a lower maturity level might not know how to handle the content of the book they're reading and might either be oblivious to the content of the book or they might loose their 'innocence.' However, I greatly oppose a rating system on books. If parents are concerned, they should tell their child/teenager themself, rather than categorising books. But I suppose it's fair enough if there's a warning on the front or back cover (i.e. 'Not suitable for younger readers') .

It seems like I've rambled on a bit too much. But this is my blog, ha! I really should stop procrastinating my Biology practical report...


  1. What is YA?

    Hey, just want to that somebody is actually reading your blog. Please, do review some books. I'm starting to read again, so I need recommendations.

  2. Fikri: Thank you for reading my blog :)
    YA is young adult fiction. Books mainly about teenagers, etc... Heaps of older people read them so don't be put off.

    I was going to do some recommendation posts by genre/theme anyway. Let me know if you have a specific 'taste' in books.

  3. You're never to old to read and enjoy YA or any other type of books, age is a state of mind.


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