Friday, September 10, 2010

Gimme a Call

Title: Gimme a Call
Author: Sarah Mlynowski
Published: 2010
Genre: ChickLit, Life, Contemporary
Rating: 4 out of 5

Devi Banks is having a bad day, and makes it worse by accidentally dropping her mobile into a fountain. Dripping wet and basically useless, Devi tries to get her mobile to work...and ends up calling her own self from three and a half years ago.
Realising the opportunity Devi has to change her present situation, Devi provides her younger self with advice on what to do and not do, especially with a certain person by the name of Bryan.

I enjoyed this book so much that I finished it within 24 hours. Devi is a senior going to a not so impressive college. She uses her younger self to earn better grades, focus less on boys and to get into a better college. Each change the younger Devi, nicknamed ‘Frosh’ (for freshman) makes, the effects are instantaneous in the older Devi’s life. In result, the older Devi is constantly muddled and confused with what’s real and who she’s friends with.

Mlynowski successfully managed not to confuse the reader between the freshman and the senior Devi’s chapters. There was a sufficient amount of humour and Gimme a Call really makes the reader think about the consequences of life decisions, fate and what would you really tell your younger self what to do (or not). The older Devi was portrayed just like a bossy older sister; direct, commanding, and wanting the good for her younger self. The younger Devi is just like a younger sister; sometimes annoying, adorable and ignoring her older self’s advise. This aspect is relatable especially if you are an older sibling.

One scene which I really found amusing was regarding a lottery ticket. Even before winning, the older Devi's house and family changed!

One thing which I would’ve liked to be explained was the dynamics between the older Devi and her older sister Maya. I could tell that Devi senior didn’t feel close to Maya, but why was it so? Another point which I didn’t really like about Devi senior was how she was pushing her younger self to take on too much. Perhaps it’s just me, but I didn’t like how the younger Devi was being bombarded with what to do or not, especially with earning top grades to get into a better college. She's fourteen and already had to deal with college applications. It seemed a bit 'greedy' of the older Devi.

Overall, an enjoyable read with a happy ending which can also provoke some interesting self reflection.

Q:What would you like to tell your younger self not to do?

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  1. Great review! This sounds like a great read. I've seen it a few times before but I'll make sure to add to it my TBR pile! Thanks!


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