Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Books by Theme: Fashion and Celebrity

Zombie model: 'ello poppet!
Fashionistas by Chloe Walsh

Summer Intern by Carrie Karasyov

Media Savvy by Jim Schembri

Susanna series by Mary Hogan1. Susanna Sees Stars
2. Sussana Hits Hollywood
3. Susanna covers the catwalk
4. Susanna Loves London

Chloe Rayban
1. My Life Starring Mum
2. Hollywood Bliss: my life so far

Rose Wilkins1. So Super Starry
2. So Super Stylish

The Airhead Trilogy by Meg Cabot
1. Airhead
2. Being Nikki
3. Runaway
Fashionista’s series by Sarra Manning1. Laura
2. Hadley
3. Irina
4. Candy


  1. That model is creepy as hell! Still awesome though :)

  2. Haha, thanks :) I wanted to post a quirky picture along with the post, and it's done its job.


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