Thursday, September 16, 2010


Title: Slice
Author: Steven Herrick
Published: 2010
Genre: Contemporary, Australia
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Darcy Franz Pele Walker lives with his normal soccer loving accountant father and no-nonsense barrister mother. Living in the suburbs of Australia, Darcy walker is a normal teen boy. The only problem is his big mouth. He never thinks before talking aloud.

Slice is definitely different from what I normally read. It wasn’t a narrative and there were many very short paragraphs. Darcy liked to change topic quite a lot as well (which is quite typical of a boy of his age).

One reason why I enjoyed this novel was because it was absolutely hilarious to read. Darcy’s sarcasm and comical outlook on life had me laughing and rereading to have a good laugh again. His loud mouth attitude results in more than one fight with a class mate and his over the top attitude with his parents is amusing to observe. Darcy’s friends were also quite different and humorous. Noah, a chess nerd with a big brain also provides an oblivious person’s humour (he doesn’t really try to be funny but what he says actually is).

The great thing was that I could relate a lot more to Darcy’s school life since it took place in an Australian high school. It might not seem like a big difference but to continuously read about American high schools can be tiresome. Darcy’s peers were also relatable since they acted and talked the way Australian teens do, the way my peers are at school (minus the partying scenes).

I don’t have much to say about Slice. It was an enjoyable quick read for older teens due to content (we all know what it is) and perhaps occasional readers. Consider Slice as a book to read if you see it on your library shelf. If it's there, borrow it. If not, don't bother too much about it.

Q: Have you read any YA books set in Australia?


  1. Hiya, thanks for following me last week! Just returning the favour (a tad late!!!) Aussie all the way!

  2. From someone who lives close to Oz , Ive read a few books set in Aussie :) Not as many Teen ones but a few adult ones like Browyen Parry and Tamara McKinley , Racheal Treasure BTW Im a new follower and following u on the hop :) Check out my site

  3. Actually, I've (re)found a book set in Melbourne, Aust. called 'Beatle Meets Destiny.' I read a few chapters but had to return it.


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