Sunday, October 17, 2010


Title: Runaway
Series: Airhead trilogy
Author: Meg Cabot
Published: 2010
Genre: ChickLit
Rating: 4 out of 5

The final book in the trilogy, Emerson Watts, whose brain has been transplanted into teen supermodel Nikki Howard's body, is in seclusion after finding out the the real Nikki Howard is alive. Hiding from billionaire Robert Stark, Em, the real Nikki and Brandon (Mr. Stark's son), need to find a way to take down the megalomanical Robert Stark.  With the help of dark and mysterious Christopher, teen-hacker Felix, super cute Lulu and Em's younger sister Frida, the group make a horrifying and unethical discovery.

The Airhead trilogy may be ChickLit, but in my opinion, it's smart ChickLit. Cabot makes the reader question ethics in medicine. The tech/geek references to 'mainframes' and getting 'pwned' make the reader feel that they're not bimbos reading a book, but real girls living in time time and age. The characters are fun and the plot is fast paced (and also fun!). A fact which really struck a chord with me that although Em is a headstrong girl, she did 'fall' into the 'traps' of the fashion industry and the comfort of Nikki's life. A real girl faces peer pressure and expectations, and Cabot portrayed that realistically with Em.

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