Saturday, October 30, 2010


Even though I normally don't post a lot on my blog, I would like to notify that there will be a lack of posts for the next two to three weeks due to school work (exams in specific!). I haven't read much either in the past two weeks. But from what I have read, here's a super-brief account:

Will Grayson, Will Grayson* by John Green and David Leviathan: characters are super weird and funny, but unrelateable. The second (gay) W.G swears way too much and is really awkward. Tiny Cooper is absolutely unbelievable (not in an amazing way but in an actual 'I don't believe people like this exist' way). The strong point would be the sarcastic and OTT profane humour.
*didn't actually finish the book but did read halfway through and skim over the last few chapters.

Fat Vampire by Adam Rex: starts off a bit boring but seems to be picking up halfway through. The author's concept with vampires is nothing special. The main character, Doug, is unlikeable in my point of view, and doesn't treat his best friend well enough. One thing I did like was an Indian exchange student's addiction, which she calls The Google (addiction to being online 24/7). I'm not sure what the author was aiming for, but it seems it's sometimes sarcastic about the vamp 'phenomena' and then actually serious.

I've also done a guest post on Dahlia's Eclectic Mind about my YA reading journey.


  1. Oh - I haven't read either of these. I keep meaning to read WG, WG but am thinking I will find it the same as you. I actually couldn't finish another book of David Levithan b/c of the swearing - it was everywhere and started giving me a headache (and normally i can overlook swearing...)

    I do love the cover of fat Vampire :)

  2. LOL. I just read Will Grayson, Will Grayson last night and I loved it. :P

  3. Nomes: Me too. I can ignore the cussing but this time it was a bit too much :(

    Golden Eagle: hehe, I hope you've written a review :)


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