Saturday, November 27, 2010

Finding Freia Lockhart

Title: Finding Freia Lockhart
Author: Aimee Said
Genre: Contemporary, Australian
Published: 2010
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Finding Freia Lockhart is a novel with a clear message: to be yourself and not to change yourself for others. Freia has to put up with her no-fun-super-embarrassing parents and best friend Kate, who is turning into one of the B’s, the popular girls of Westside Girls Grammar, who are all obsessed with popularity, boys and fashion. Also, since Freia has been appointed the task of managing the lightning for the school play, Freia has to cope with taunting from the B’s about being unfortunate enough to be assigned to work with Daniel aka ‘Skeletor’, a moody troublemaker from Parkville Boys High.

What I liked about this novel was Freia’s character. Although at the beginning she does give in to peer pressure, she handles herself well, especially towards the end of the novel where she decides who her real friends are. The Australian expressions, references and the dialogue between the teenage characters were also realistic (especially with the schoolyard profanities). Freia’s sense of humour is also a strong point, especially when Freia, herself, refers to ‘The Book’, a book on raising adolescents which Freia’s mother constantly seeks knowledge from regarding her teenage daughter.

Finding Freia Lockhart is a novel which teenagers and adults (reminiscing about their teen years) can relate to. I’d recommend this novel to those who like to read a fun and humorous light novel about handling friendship issues.


  1. OMG Brave Chickens, if you get the chance, make the brownie recipe at the back of the book!!! They are the most delicious/amazing/nom-nom brownies ever!

  2. This sounds really cool. I haven't even heard of this author before...

    Thanks for the review - I'm going to add it ot my TBR :)

  3. Girl Friday: Really? Well, I'll take your word and try the brownies. :D

    Nomes: I really hope you can read it soon, especially 'cause it's Aussie :)


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