Thursday, December 2, 2010

Susanna Loves London

Title: Susanna Loves London
Series: The Susanna series
Author: Mary Hogan
Published: 2009
Genre: ChickLit, Travel
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Susanna Barringer, a teen reporter for Scene magazine, is going to live in London for a month. Her trip's purpose is to observe the life of British teens from the eyes of a New York teen, and then write an article. Across the Atlantic, Susanna clarifies her feelings about Ben, her boyfriend and acknowledges her body image issues- that being O rather than I shaped is normal.

The previous books in the series were hilarious to read and Susanna Loves London was the same. The comparisons between London and NYC were lost on me (I haven't been there...yet!), however still quite factual to read about. Also, contrary to the official blurb, the chip shop owner's slimy son Ricky (Susanna's Brit crush) wasn't much of a deal either. Unlike the previous novels, which focused more on the glamour and fashion, this novel focused more on London itself, and being someone who wants to travel the world, the small tips and locations to visit were also interesting to read (i.e: Camden Market, eating a chip buttie).

Susanna Loves London was a very short novel to read (I would've preferred it to be longer), and great for those who want to read something quick that's not dead serious, well meaning and funny. BTW, the cover is also very awesome, innit?

Note: I'll be posting an interview I've done with the author Mary Hogan very soon!


  1. this sounds kinda cool.

    and, YES, I LOVE the cover :)

    Loved reading your thoughts on thins


  2. I hope you can read the series Nomes. They're pretty short, but as you said, cool. :)


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