Friday, November 19, 2010

Interview: JM Warwick

JM Warwick, also known as Jennifer Laurens, is the author of several novels, including YA, such as Heavenly, Nailed and An Open Vein. Here, Ms. Warwick answers a few questions about A Season of Eden (which I've reviewed here)

Why didn't you create a definitive ending for A Season of Eden?
I love "open endings" where a reader can decide, based on their own interpretation of the book, the direction the ending is going. That ensures satisfaction.

Who inspired or influenced the character of Mr. Christian? No one in particular. I merely wanted to explore the 'what if' of a teenage girl and a very young, just-out-of-high-school teacher who is her love interest.

What would your comment(s) be on the relationship between Eden and Mr. Christian? To quote Eden, "If we'd met in a club, would you have talked to me?" and James replies, "That's not something I can tell you." Those quotes sum up their relationship.

What gave you the idea to write a YA novel on such a controversial topic?
I didn't think it was controversial because 1) James' moral standards ultimately keep him from continuing the relationship. 2) No one knows me as an author and no one really cares what I write. That's why I write what I want to write. If someone finds me, great. If they like what I write, great. If not, I still write what I want to write. An Open Vein ( to me ) is a much more controversial book---and no one's heard of it. Bottom line: I wanted to write the story, just as I want to write every story that comes to me. So I did. I wasn't thinking about controversy.

How prominent and/or significant do you think morals are in A Season of Eden?
Some people will read the book and think the moral issue is very prominent. Others read it and see it as a nice romance. What you see in a piece of art is not what someone else sees in the same piece---subjectivity works that way. Personally, the book wasn't meant to be a moral statement of any kind except to say that, relationships can be kept under control with enough discipline.
Even that point could be argued, however: where do we each choose to draw the line?

Thank you Ms Warwick for your time! You can visit her blog here where there are generous giveaways and updates on her latest novels.

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