Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Season of Eden

Title: A Season of Eden
Author: JM Warwick
Published: 2008
Genre: Romance, ChickLit
Rating: 4 out of 5

Eden is a rich, beautiful and popular high school girl. She joins choir class for "an easy A", and upon seeing their new teacher Mr. Christian, Eden develops feelings for him. Eden knows that falling in love with a teacher who's young and handsome is forbidden. But is the feeling mutual?

I don't read many novels which have the main theme of romance. Surprisingly however, I actually liked A Season of Eden. I didn't find the teacher-student roamnce particulary creepy because the age difference between Eden and Mr. Christian was only four years. It was a clean romance you could say, which also gives it bonus points.

Eden, whose description does sound a bit stuck up, was understandable for her actions, mainly because she was a teen girl but also because of her domestic situation at home. One thing which I didn't like, was Eden's attitude towards Matt, her ex. She dumps him in a very callous manner. On the other hand Mr. Christian, the 22 year old teacher, was kind and oblivious (especially to his effect on girls). He was a bit cliche but still likable.

The ending was quite sweet in my opinion . It wasn't happy ever after, nor was it massive heartbreak. Warwick left it in a way for the reader to decide. Actually, I'm happy that it wasn't happy ever after! This novel focuses more on the 'journey' of falling in love. A Season of Eden is mellow and evenly paced, a good novel to read after too many upbeat, teen YA or action/mystery (not that it's bad to read those types of books).

Note: I was provided a copy of A Season of Eden by JM Warwick for review. This has in no way at all affected my opinions on the book.

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