Friday, April 2, 2010

Fang: A Maximum Ride Thriller

Title: Fang: A Maximum Ride Thriller
Series: Maximum Ride
Author: James Patterson
Year of Publication: 2010
Genre: SciFi, Action
My Rating: 3 out of 5

The latest installment in the series will be much of an enjoyment to all the supporters in the 'Max & Fang' team. Yes, the pair do 'get together.' However, this novel's plot revolves around another evil scientist, his bid to advance evolution of the human race to ensure survival after the Apocalypse and a new birdkid named Dylan. Angel's seemingly megalomanic pursuits also continue. Oh yeah, and the fact that Fang's about to die, soon.

The last book, Max wasn't as good as the previous four in the series. Unfortunately, this continues. Maximum's character is becoming really easy to dislike, especially as she's becoming much more irresponsible (by following her heart than her brain- how cliche). The action and drama also isn't as 'octane-filled' as the first four books, and it takes a good three-quarters of the book to get to the real action and plot of the book. The only reason which stopped me giving this book a rating of 2 was the romance between Max and Fang. Patterson built up tension between the two perfectly, and gave readers a little more depth into the character of Fang,

Overall, Patterson could've done much better. I feel as though the Maximum Ride series are just being continued for the sake of money. I really don't want to say it, but hey, this book could've just been FanFic.

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